Why does Jacob seemingly hide out from the others? He he is supposed to be their ruler but yet he has not shown himself. Curious.... Why does Richard serve as a middle man? Why does Richard have no say in anything? Is Richard the only one that gets to talk to Jacob because maybe Jacob is his prisoner - locked in the base of the statue? Does Richard make up the lists given to him by Jacob? Are they in fact his own lists, his own orders, his own rules? Why doesn't Richard go with Locke to see Jacob? Is he fearful that Jacob will hurt him?

I assume Richard is in fact a loyal servant, but the more theories I read here opens up so many possibilities. Who is trustworthy, whos good, whos bad? I think this season will end with a cliff hanger bigger than ever. Nothing seems to be the way you thought it was

Maybe the real ending to the series will be a movie in a couple of years.

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