I applaud the lack of spoilers that is par at this site, but then I come after work to visit it, and the front page article has a major spoiler! Wake up guys. I tried to edit the page but it is locked, locked into a major spoiler. Lame.

Warning, quote from article follows below, with spoiler in the final sentence. Trust me, you do not want to read it if you do not like spoilers.

Q&A: 'Lost' producers discuss emotional final season
Get ready to return to the island one last time: The final season of ABC's "Lost" is going to be an emotionally intense journey that harks back to previous highlights of the series, with the ideological battle between Jack Shephard and John Locke taking center stage.

Umm, sorry, but that last sentence? Major spoiler. I used to trust you, Lostpedia

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