• Charles widmore

    Why did they set it for a person to have to hit the button? For that matter, why did they make it so hard for the person: basically entering a password every 108 minutes. Why not have a huge green button that you press instead of this weird password situation? WTF?

    Why not use that timer to trigger the button, for goodness' sake the technology was there. No, let's have it trigger flipping pseudo-digital clock on the wall instead.

    Why did they have those heiroglyphics?

    It makes no freaking sense! If Dharma folk were scientists, they wouldn't have designed things in such a stupid-ass way.

    Was it the nuclear blast that caused the need for all this?

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  • Charles widmore

    We had a lot of good arguments about this topic: was the entire story a metaphorical spiritual journey they went through after they died in the crash? This "purgatory theory" was obviously a plausible interpretation, as evidenced by the producers needing to clarify for so many people that the island was not purgatory.

    But a story should stand on its own, not rely on the writers' clarification. So, given that, what are the top five reasons I'd give that the events on the island happened for real, in the natural world, that it wasn't all just a metaphor? (Other than the obvious reason that it would be really annoying, and basically make absurd all of our theorizing about the show).

    Here are the top five:

    5. Flashbacks were real. There was never a…

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  • Charles widmore

    What is your one top reason for thinking they weren't killed in the crash?

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  • Charles widmore

    I am confused by people's confidence that the stuff on the island actually happened, in the real (not some spiritual world).

    My interpretation is that everything on the island, and on the alternate world, was all a spiritual journey not in the physical world. Otherwise you want me to believe:
    1. A bunch of people improbably survived the plane crash
    2. They also survived a nuclear explosion that somehow shifted them in time
    3. They were able to disengage a magic island from time
    4. They took up with an immortal man (Richard)
    5. They heard and sometimes interacted with people in purgatory.
    6. On an island with a cork in the middle that somehow was the key to everything

    More likely is that the island was a purgatory for those that were flawed, but ab…

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  • Charles widmore

    Plane crashed, all are dead.
    Some go to heaven, some don't.
    What a waste of time.

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