I just wrote this on Lionofdharma's blog User blog:Lionofdharma/Why does everyone hate Kate?. And I've just plonked it here. It's more about the one dimensional aspect of Lost as per the writers failings when it comes to giving us great female characters. But it is also an appreciation of the gorgeous Evangeline Lilly and the difficulty she was handed in the form of Kate.

Deep down Lost is a "Boy's Own" adventure, with a major sub plot about lost fathers. It is conceived by, and mainly written by two guys. (I hope they are happy coz they clearly have "issues").

Most of the female characters were killed of pretty early (Shannon, Libby, Ana Lucia, then Charlotte and Juliette, Ilana, Danielle and Alex). At best the writer's treatment of Claire has been very uneven and given that she has been off screen for much of the show - well you see what I'm getting at.

On top of that when it comes to candidates Sun might be one though it seems pretty unlikely. Kate also may or may not be one. Not a great representation amongst all those "he" men!

So that has left us with Kate (Sun too, but most of the time she has been pretty secondary and her story too is a daddy issue story, with a surrogate daddy - Jin who is more often than not an abusive boor.)

Let's be frank. Kate is mainly there coz she looks great and she creates a bit of sexual frisson for our two heroes. This is a shame and a lot for Evangeline to carry. Since either the writers or Evangeline are not keen on showing us more skin, bikinis, bosom, sweat, torn singlets etc us boys (and maybe the handful of girls who are watching) are continuously kept in a state of suppressed stimulation for which there is no relief. (Claire is crazy or pregnant, Sun is in love with someone else irretrievably.)

What to do - either blame Kate or love her. I love her. She is human. Her issues haven't all been fixed. She is the ultimate survivor. She has guilt but she doesn't carry it as a continuous life stopping burden (see Sayid), She's gutsy and strong and clever. She is way sexy (best tomboy, all shooting, all swimming, all climbing godess on teev) She loves her boys Jack and Sawyer. Maybe one of them can grow up and she can be with that one. But I doubt it. But I don't blame her for it one way or the other.

I also don't blame her for the failure of the writers to give her more depth, another dimension or two and a growing independence. She deserves all that. They have fluffed it for her and Ana Lucia wasn't given a chance. Sun's strength was not developed, Juliet might have been the most interesting of all but she went off to fight lizards (and is more one dimensional than she ever was on Lost).

So. Thank God for Kate. If you hate her - imagine lost without her - it just wouldn't be Lost    Charles Kane     talk  contribs   email   05:28, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

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