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May 19, 2009
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    Was Ben simply being the ultimate opportunist? He allied with MiB at Dharmaville! Was that real, or to save his skin, or to take revenge on Widmore, or to stay close to MiB so that he could undermine him.

    I am aware that he looked very scared at what Smokey did to Richard (and might have done to him). Really it is hard to see why MiB didn't kill Ben anyway - what possible use was Ben to him. Why was he making offers (even though they were transparently false) to Ben (as they sat on the porch). Also he had worked with Richard for decades, yet he made no effort to stop him "negotiating" with MiB. Was giving the second walkie to Miles evidence that he wasn't with MiB or that Ben was just covering bases.

    Then at the well Ben loads his magazines …

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  • Charles Kane

    Zoe: edits

    May 3, 2010 by Charles Kane
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  • Charles Kane

    I just wrote this on Lionofdharma's blog User blog:Lionofdharma/Why does everyone hate Kate?. And I've just plonked it here. It's more about the one dimensional aspect of Lost as per the writers failings when it comes to giving us great female characters. But it is also an appreciation of the gorgeous Evangeline Lilly and the difficulty she was handed in the form of Kate.

    Deep down Lost is a "Boy's Own" adventure, with a major sub plot about lost fathers. It is conceived by, and mainly written by two guys. (I hope they are happy coz they clearly have "issues").

    Most of the female characters were killed of pretty early (Shannon, Libby, Ana Lucia, then Charlotte and Juliette, Ilana, Danielle and Alex). At best the writer's treatment of Claire …

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