okay, so i'm finding it very hard to word this as a question, so i'm just gonna present it as a theory, rather than a question, and hopefully someone can tell me what's wrong and how it could be right.


timeline #1: desmond comes to the island on a "race around the world" or whatever he says.

timeline #2: occurs because when he leaves the island during s04 "the constant," he changes his normal path in life by finding daniel faraday at oxford and goes to penny and asks her not to change her number.

  • a) what happens in timeline #2 after he asks penny not to change her number? does he remember everything or does he just think to himself, "how the hell did i get over to this part of town? why am i here? what's going on? do i need to see a doctor?"
  • b) is his finding a constant like bandaging the two timelines, fusing them together like stitching an open wound?
  • c) does desmond's going back in time and finding faraday actually cause the course of actions that lead to faraday coming to the island?
  • d) what was faraday doing during timeline #1 when desmond never came to him at oxford, and does he ever come to the island anyway?
  • e) is desmond just creating different timelines over and over?

am i missing something? i mean, i get the whole "whatever happened, happened" thing, but even faraday himself says that things could change because everyone was a "variable." i'm just soooooo confused.

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