Monday I did a blog asking for your favorite character. Now, as someone suggested, I am following it up with a "who's your worst character."

I remember the day I watched Born to Run. And I remember exactly what I said after finishing it, "Wow." It was terrible. Of course, it didn't help that Kate's flashback aired right after Sayid's spectacular, gripping and emotional flashback in The Greater Good. Very few times am I as attentive -- normally I'm reclined way back in the La-Z-Boy with a bowl of popcorn perched upon my stomach -- as I was while watching his flashback. The writers stacked event after event in the flashback, which also paralleled with the events on the island, all leading up to one final "pow!" scene (excuse me, my English teacher refers to heavily emotional scenes as "pow! scenes." Always used to poke fun at her about it, but I guess it stuck with me). This success in storytelling is exactly what Born to Run failed to do.

I don't know about you, but I find myself returning to old episodes more because of their respective flashbacks than the events that partook on the island. So naturally, I have seen each Kate flashback once, whereas I have seen all Sayid and Jack (two of my favorites!) episodes probably five or six times at the least. These flashbacks are what separates the good characters from the characters that cling to your thoughts and own your day; I can't tell you how many times I spent my math class (which I should've been paying attention, as I am just downright awful at math) thinking about the lives of these characters. On a normal day, I'll think of a character, examine a segment of his life to pass minutes during my exceptionally boring math class, and come home and watch the respective character's flashback episode. With each and every view, I gain an extended kinship with my favorite characters.

Before I go any further, let me go back to the flashback in Born to Run. With most Lost flashbacks, the events on the Island coalesce with the events in the flashback, creating a nice little parallel that further explains character decisions; Kate's never do, or at least the parallels are to a lesser extent. The only parallel I was able to draw from Born to Run was the whole tragic love story, with Sun's final comments, "I thought once I found the man I loved I would be happy." And then Kate's response, "Yeah, me too." The only thing the parallel brings attention to is Kate's tragic life as a runner and the disparities she feels for her long lost love.

Very simply put: I do not share the same kind of affinity with Kate that I do with other 815'ers.

Kate is by far my least favorite and, in my opinion, the worst written character.

So, you have my least favorite and my explanation of why (I feel it's wrong to criticize something without a good explanation, so, naturally, I try to give a good reason why I feel a certain way).

Okay, your go: Leave me a comment telling me your least favorite or, in your opinion, who you think is the worst character, and tell me if you think my explanation is justified.

p.s. here is the link for favorite character post if you would like to comment on that one as well. I will try and comment back to your comments if you choose to make some.

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