Recently, my fellow Lost enthusiast and I were sitting around the campfire with our Dharma jumpsuits on, and the topic of most favorite character arose. My friend immediately spoke up: "John Locke!" I was slightly offended. While I certainly believe John Locke is an interesting character and a fantastic addition to the Lost cast, I do not believe he is anywhere near the best. Perhaps this is just personally preference, but I half-way lost interest in Locke's flashbacks after about the fourth "my life is so tragic." Yes, I do feel sympathies for Locke; however, this does not domineer my disposition to like his character.

I argued adamantly back about predictability and lack of versatility, while virulently arguing in favor of Benjamin Linus and Sayid. Sayid has long proved himself as a bad-ass, hero, and a leader that is capable of grabbing our heartstrings and wringing them. To me, the versatility in Sayid's character makes him my all-time favorite. I remember several occasions where Sayid was either about to dish out a cold dish of vengeance or extend his sympathies -- as with the recent episode Sundown. When Sayid was having an emotional conversation with Dogen and the lurched and tackled him -- that was perfect.

Ever since Ben Linus expressed that glacial, unrelenting, spiteful look (yes three adjectives were necessary) after the 815'ers discovered he was lying about his identity, he has been a favorite of mine. Benjamin Linus, as we know him now, has a knack for mixing downright evil-doings with pure sympathies. (The surrender of Alex for power sticks out).

Which is what brings me here, to you, who do you think is the best? Of course no right of wrong answers (unless you choose the godawful and thankfully ephemeral Nikki and Paulo). Tell me the character that you share a kindred affinity with and why. I'll try my best to respond to most with an insightful comment, whether than the atypical agree or disagree; but I can't make any promises, as it is AP and SAT test time season here shortly.

Here's to the wonderful characters of Lost.

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