I'll spare summarizing the plot and cut right to analysis. After all if you are visiting lostpedia, chances are you're like me, and you tune into Lost every Tuesday at 9 and fill the rest of the week with classic episodes echoing the current island mysteries. With "The Lighthouse" we get a huge throwback to ubiquitous season 1 treks through the jungle. Not only did we get to enjoy some quality Hurley and Jack time, but we also go to pay visit to one of the most scenic landscapes throughout Lost history: the caves. This scene worked on so many different levels. First, Hurley dug deep in the cranium and churned out what will soon be an all time Lostie favorite. I cracked up -- but later in the night, I began to entertain the notion of Hurley's prophesy. What do you guys think, usual, humorous Hurley or foreshadowing? (or is it "back"-shadowing?) Secondly, we are reintroduced to Christian's empty casket which paralleled very nicely with Jack's flashsideways -- Jack's attempting to find his "Lost" father (excuse the horrible pun, couldn't resist). It's no coincidence that Christian is conveniently missing in both realities; I bet before we see "Lost" flash up on the screen the final time we will see Christian again. More importantly: Jack will see him.

Everything seems to be building to one cathartic moment between Jack, Christian and Claire. I highly doubt it's that simple though. After all, I am basing this on natural story progression, which the writers have blatantly, and wonderfully, defied numerous times. Still, those three will be united.

Savage Claire's (by the way: how does everyone like her now?) pursuit of Aaron is very intriguing. I would like to point out the fact that Claire left Aaron and ran off into the woods. Now, though, she will kill to find him -- just like Danielle. Although, this seems to be provoked by Christian and FLocke, her two friends, rather than Claire acting alone. Interestingly, she notes that both her Dad and "her friend" told her the Others have her baby, which shatters the widely believed speculation that smokey was Christian and further solidifies my view that Christian is alive.

However, these questions (or questionanswers) can't compare to what is revealed at the closure of the episode: the Lighthouse. Jacob's "watching" gives a whole new meaning to the numbers. I was blown away by Jack's poignant scene: his childhood, as made abundantly clear by this episode, is something Jack keeps locked away. He wants not to talk, share, or remember it. Jacob's mirror might as well been an x-ray of Jack's heart. As Jack said earlier in the episode, he is broken. He told Hurly he believed the island could heal him which he later criticizes as being ignorant. Although Jack does not recognize it, this is the first step to redemption and to a healed soul. Transparency will be Jack's catharsis and will eventually lead to the redemption he seeks.

Any comments or questions is appreciated.

Chandler1012 23:44, February 24, 2010 (UTC)Chandler Fry

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