What are your favorite centric episodes for these respective characters: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke, Sayid, Sun & Jin, Ben, Desmond, Charlie, Claire, Daniel, Juliet, Shannon, Boone, Michael, and Eko? My favorites are listed below.

Jack -- Through the Looking Glass (All of his episodes are amazing; Looking Glass stands above all Lost episodes, in my opinion.)

Kate -- Eggtown

Sawyer -- The Long Con

Hurley -- The Beginning of the End

Locke -- Walkabout

Sayid -- Sundown

Sun & Jin -- Ji Yeon

Ben -- The Shape of Things to Come

Desmond -- The Constant

Charlie -- The Moth

Claire -- Maternity Leave

Daniel -- The Variable

Juliet -- Not in Portland

Shannon -- Abandoned

Boone -- Hearts and Minds

Michael -- Adrift

Eko -- The 23rd Psalm

Note: You don't have to do Shannon, Boone, or Daniel, as I realize the majority of you will select the same episode. But if you want to (say you like Confirmed Dead better than The Variable), you obviously are welcome to.

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