Tonight's episode Happily Ever After' 'revolved around Desmond Hume. I went into tonight with high expectations, as The Constant was probably the best hour of Lost, and, subsequently, the best hour of my life. I knew this episode would not compare. I thought, maybe a few flashsideways with Desmond and Penny sprinkled in with some pissy Charles and Desmond action on the island -- should be a stand-out episode. But no, it would not best The Constant.

I remember the night I watched The Constant. I had cried. I won't go into the episode itself, as I have long since declared it utterly ineffable. I will say, however, that Desmond and Penny's final scene in the freighter touched me in ways I didn't know existed. The way they feel about each other cannot be described as "love." Our love we have today is synonymous with divorce and the girls who "are so in love with the guy they just met" and a week later they are broken up. I dare say that I did not believe in love until The Constant. Though, as saccharine as that sounds, it is unequivocally the truth.

With tonight's episode, I felt that feeling again.

Tonight's episode usurps the place The Constant held in my heart.

Tonight's episode stands as the best episode of Lost ever created.

What did you guys think? (Also, if you guys would like, I will do an analysis of Happily Ever After tomorrow. I'm a bit too "emotionally compromised" (to randomly quote Spock) to do so tonight.

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