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    What are your favorite centric episodes for these respective characters: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke, Sayid, Sun & Jin, Ben, Desmond, Charlie, Claire, Daniel, Juliet, Shannon, Boone, Michael, and Eko? My favorites are listed below.

    Jack -- Through the Looking Glass (All of his episodes are amazing; Looking Glass stands above all Lost episodes, in my opinion.)

    Kate -- Eggtown

    Sawyer -- The Long Con

    Hurley -- The Beginning of the End

    Locke -- Walkabout

    Sayid -- Sundown

    Sun & Jin -- Ji Yeon

    Ben -- The Shape of Things to Come

    Desmond -- The Constant

    Charlie -- The Moth

    Claire -- Maternity Leave

    Daniel -- The Variable

    Juliet -- Not in Portland

    Shannon -- Abandoned

    Boone -- Hearts and Minds

    Michael -- Adrift

    Eko -- The 23rd Psalm

    Note: You don't have to d…

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    In the many hours I have spent with the characters of Lost, I truly have come to know them like my own friends. I have watched them cry and I have watched them laugh. I know what makes them tick and what makes them bleed. I can feel their emotions -- all their disparity and all their happiness. Jack Shephard stands at the zenith of these characters I call my friends. His emotions are deeply rooted within him; he is by far the most complex character on the show. It practically takes a literary radar to detect the nuanced emotions the writers have neatly embedded within each Jack episode. I won't go into Jack's complexities, as I have already briefly detailed his character complexities. Instead, today I will be ranting about John Lock…

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    Tonight's episode Happily Ever After' 'revolved around Desmond Hume. I went into tonight with high expectations, as The Constant was probably the best hour of Lost, and, subsequently, the best hour of my life. I knew this episode would not compare. I thought, maybe a few flashsideways with Desmond and Penny sprinkled in with some pissy Charles and Desmond action on the island -- should be a stand-out episode. But no, it would not best The Constant.

    I remember the night I watched The Constant. I had cried. I won't go into the episode itself, as I have long since declared it utterly ineffable. I will say, however, that Desmond and Penny's final scene in the freighter touched me in ways I didn't know existed. The way they feel about each…

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    A Gentle Beast

    March 30, 2010 by Chandler1012

    "My name is Sayid Jarrah, and I am a torturer." There are no words more appropriate to describe Sayid; he is, unequivocally, as Benjamin Linus once said, "A killer -- capable of things most men aren't." Under his threatening surface though, there exists a man with feelings, a man that is not completely content with his ability. There are two completely different sides of Sayid: the beast, who is often unrelenting in his killing, and the gentle, remorseful, self-sympthetic man. All throughout the series, these two sides have battled within Sayid. They slowly corroded him and left him, as seen most recently in Recon, as a dark zombie that refused to come to a friends aid. Sayid's greatest, and perhaps only, threat is himself, and, right …

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    Jack is an action taker. He does everything knowing his action will have an affect, that it will make a difference. It is how he functions.

    Lost began with an up-close shot of Jack's eye opening. From his eyes, we see who he is in that very first scene -- an unrelenting hero. One that will stop at nothing to save one more life. That is Jack; he will bleed for other people. As in Do No Harm, Jack poured his blood, with no sterilization and with running the risk of infection, into a dying Boone. There was no chance of saving him, but Jack, he knew he could. But why?

    Everything Jack has done has been forced. Even becoming the successful doctor that he is hugely hinged on the actions of his father Christian Shephard, who Jack admitted i…

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