Just some stats regarding other wikis and their sysops

Cgmv123 March 7, 2010 User blog:Cgmv123

This is as of 11:00-11:45 AM CST Sunday, 3/7/2010. Data is from each wiki's respective Special:Statistics page. (For Wikia Wikis, registered user count is local, not cross-Wikia.)

Wiki Sysop/user ratio Sysop/content page ratio
Lostpedia 8:24,025 (~3,000 users for every sysop) 8:6,270 (~785 pages for every sysop)
English Wikipedia 1,720:11,832,795 (~6,900 users for every sysop) 1,720:3,214,539 (~1,800 pages for every sysop)
World of Warcraft Wiki 22:67,796 (~3,100 users for every sysop) 22:81,379 (~3,700 pages for every sysop)
Memory Alpha 23:6,466 (~280 users for every sysop) 23:31,564 (~1,300 pages for every sysop)
Transformers Wiki 11:1,375 (~125 users for every sysop) 11:41,634 (~3,780 pages for every sysop)
Familypedia/Genealogy Wiki 10:823 (~82 users for every sysop) 10:71,162 (~7,116 pages for every sysop)

It should be noted that 2 of Lostpedia's administrators are inactive. It is not known how many admins are incative on other wikis, thus the count cannot be adjusted.

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