I wonder if any of the Oceanic Six ever listen to Drive Shaft.

Why did Danielle Rousseau record her repeating distress message only in French, when she speaks several other languages, including English?

How could Sayid have worked as a chef in Paris, and still need Shannon's help translating French??

Have any of the groups who ever occupied the Island ever even bothered to name it, instead of always calling it "the island"??

I wonder if Bernard ever got back his Phil Collins tape that Sawyer stole, or if he even noticed it was missing.

Did the Others actually take the time to reload the fish biscuit dispenser for Sawyer, or had those things been in there since the Dharma Initiative days?

I wonder if the Dharma Initiative is eco-friendly... or if anything they do to the island even affects the rest of the world.

What would happen if the smoke monster ever got off the island?

I wonder how things would've been different on the island if Vincent had been a pit bull instead of a labrador.

Exactly what would've happened if anybody had entered numbers other than "4 8 15 16 23 42" into the Swan station's computer?

I wonder if the Island somehow favors single people, if Bernard/Rose and Jin/Sun were the only married couples who survived the plane crash.

What would really happen to saltine crackers in a sealed package in an air-tight aluminum box buried underground for 15 years?

Can potential Others get banished from the Island by failing a Latin test?

More to come...

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