Whatever the case may be, I do know that whatever happened happened, and if you're born to run, you'll be left behind in Eggtown.

The substitute for the man from Tallahassee who gets cabin fever on a walkabout will need further instructions in his orientation.

To pull a long con on outlaws where a recon mission is every man for himself, you need confidence, man!

Something nice back home like a white rabbit through the looking glass can do no harm to a man of science or a man of faith.

The lie told in large numbers that everybody hates Hugo must be the beginning of the end for Dave who says that Tricia Tanaka is dead.

The package containing the glass ballerina was lost in translation and found in the House of the Rising Sun, but this place is death.

The economist can enter 77 reports, but one of them will be solitary by sundown for the greater good, and he's our you.

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