(This is an entry I submitted for the Tail End flashback contest. It is not part of my 815Survivor/815Tailie universe.)

In 1982, Roxanne Rousseau was born to Robert and Teresa Rousseau in Paris, France. When Roxanne was two years old, Robert and Teresa divorced, and Roxanne went to live with Teresa in California, though she regularly received letters from Robert. In 1986, Robert was remarried to a woman named Danielle, who, out of jealousy, manipulated Robert into cutting off all ties with Teresa and Roxanne.

Teresa continued to raise Roxanne alone while working full-time as a nanny for a woman named Sabrina Carlyle, watching over Sabrina's young boy, Boone. Roxanne and Boone got along very well as playmates. Then one day in 1988, a tragic accident occurred as Teresa tripped and fell down the stairs in the Carlyle home and broke her neck. When Roxanne asked Boone what happened, Boone replied, "Teresa falls up the stairs, Teresa falls down the stairs."

After the funeral, Sabrina tried to contact Roxanne's father, but Robert and Danielle were unreachable because they were on a science expedition in the South Pacific. They were never heard from again. Roxanne went into foster care, until she was adopted in 1989 by a couple named Henry and Jennifer Gale. Shortly after adopting Roxanne, the Gales moved to Minnesota, where Roxanne Rousseau spent the rest of her childhood years.

As an adult, Roxanne became more and more curious to learn about the mysterious disappearance of her biological father and step-mother. It wasn't until early 2004 that her research led her to the man who had funded Robert and Danielle's science expedition: Charles Widmore. Mr. Widmore was more than willing to help Roxanne in her search and sponsored a balloon flight across the South Pacific along the same route that the science expedition had taken. Roxanne's adoptive father, Henry Gale, had always wanted to fly a balloon across the ocean, so he and Roxanne went together. The balloon encountered terrible weather and was severely damaged by a bolt of lightning. Henry and Roxanne weren't harmed, but the balloon was going down. Henry pushed Roxanne out of the balloon with an inflatable life raft, while Henry tried unsuccessfully to regain control of the balloon. Roxanne never saw Henry again after that, but she was rescued by a boat owned by Mr. Widmore's daughter, Penelope, who was in the South Pacific searching for her long lost love.

Roxanne returned to the United States, frustrated and sad at losing both her biological father and adoptive father mysteriously in the South Pacific. She began to question whether Charles Widmore knew more than he was telling her about something in that region, but Widmore became even more elusive. In 2005, Roxanne eventually discovered that Mr. Widmore had been keeping tabs on the Oceanic Six, who coincidentally had been rescued from the South Pacific. Many parts of the Oceanic Six story just didn't add up, so Roxanne suspected that whatever Mr. Widmore was hiding in that region, the Oceanic Six probably knew something about it. She carefully followed the movements of the Oceanic Six, even to the point of crashing Hugo Reyes's birthday party and flying to Iraq to attend Sayid Jarrah's wife's funeral. In late 2007, upon discovering that five of the Oceanic Six had booked the same flight from LA to Guam, Roxanne knew she had to be on that flight, so she bought her own ticket and boarded Ajira Airways Flight 316.

Sadly, Roxanne Rousseau never learned the truth about Robert and Danielle Rousseau or Henry Gale. She is now buried on a small island just two miles away from the very island that the people she had been searching for have been laid to rest.

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