Over the past few months, I've seen a few blog posts asking people what big mysteries they're most looking forward to seeing answered in Season 6. I never got around to responding with my own list of favorite mysteries, because I felt that a quick response wouldn't do it justice. There are just so many unanswered questions on the show, and I have my own personal thoughts about all of them, and I really wanted to express them in a more organized fashion. So in honor of "LOST Day" (even though it's no longer September 22nd in most of the world now), I'd like to present my list of Lost mysteries placed into four different categories.

Category 1: Big mysteries that interest me the most

These are the mysteries that truly define what "LOST" is to me, and are the mysteries that I'm most looking forward to finally seeing answered. Generally, these mysteries are all about the Island itself, and answering all of these mysteries would essentially answer the one big question that Charlie asked at the very end of the pilot episode: "Guys... where are we??"

  • The Monster. Need I say more? What is it? How did it get on the Island? Why does it do the things it does?
  • The Others. Lots of questions about these guys! Who are they? What is their purpose on the Island? How long have they been on the Island? How and why did they come to the Island? And questions about individual Others: When and how did Tom Friendly join the Others? Why did Ethan, the son of Horace, defect from Dharma and join the Others at such a young age? And possibly the most significant: Where did Richard Alpert come from, and why doesn't he age??
  • Whispers. What are they? What or who causes them? (Personally, I'm almost certain the whispers are somehow produced or controlled by the Others.)
  • Healing Properties. How does the Island cure paralysis, cure cancer, cause wounds to heal quickly, etc. Is it a naturally-occurring phenomenon, or is there an intelligent force (such as Jacob) doing it intentionally?
  • Pregnancy Problem. What causes it to happen? When did it start happening?
  • The Incident and WHH. This will likely be answered within the first few episodes of Season 6 and is basically about the immediate aftereffects of the Incident and the apparent detonation of the Jughead bomb. Can and will the hydrogen bomb explosion (if it was indeed an explosion) cause history to change, or will it simply be a part of history that already occurred (whatever happened happened)? As of now, I still believe and support WHH, and I'm very interested to see if I'm right, or if the writers have yet again done a great job of throwing me off. Two theories related to this that I've previously written are:
  • The Island's ancient history. The Statue and the Island's ancient inhabitants, who built the frozen wheel and how does it work, The Black Rock, Adam and Eve. Enough said.

Category 2: Questions I would like to see answered in Season 6 just for closure

These are the mysteries that I generally haven't been as interested in discussing as those in Category 1, but which I'd still very much like to see addressed in the final season only because the writers presented them to us. I haven't been all that interested in forming theories about these mysteries. My attitude about them is more like, the writers opened up these points, now let's see how they close them.

  • Ben vs. Widmore. How did their conflict start, and how will it end? Who's good and who's bad? Personally, I think neither of them are "good", they each have their own personal agenda and will do whatever they can to get what they want (control of the Island, I presume), and therefore, I don't care whether one or the other wins the conflict between them. There are greater issues at stake. Nevertheless, it's a major plot item that the writers have presented to us, so I'd like to at least see how it gets resolved.
  • Jacob's Nemesis. This may surprise some people that I actually don't place this in Category 1. After all, the Season 5 finale did seem to reveal that the whole story of the Island began with this conflict between Jacob and this other guy, and if that's what the final season is about, then I'll just roll with it, as Frank Lapidus would say. However, my main interest has always been with the Island itself and how it directly affects the Losties. While it may seem now that the conflict between Jacob and his nemesis may be a major part of all of the Island's mysteries, I would see the revelation of Jacob's Nemesis as more of a means to that end, if that is indeed the case. At the end of the day, I'm still rooting for the survivors of Flight 815, not the mysterious original inhabitants of the Island.
  • The Cabin and who was in it. Jacob? Jacob's Nemesis? Either one or the other or someone or something else posing as Christian Shephard? Yes, I'm dying to know, but again, only because the writers presented this mystery to us several times.
  • Ilana's group. Who are they, and what is their purpose? Also a mystery that the writers gave us at the end of Season 5, and because of that, I'm hoping that their role will lead to some of the bigger mysteries being answered.
  • The Sickness. What exactly happened to Robert and the rest of Danielle's team? And has it happened to anybody else? It's another mystery that I hope will be answered in the process of revealing the nature of the Island as a whole.
  • What/who causes all the various dreams and visions. Kate's horse, dead Yemi, Dave, dead Ana Lucia, etc. Are they hallucinations, or something (such as the Monster) physically posing as these visions? Again, I'm hoping it's a sub-mystery of one of the bigger mysteries.
  • Claire's disappearance. It's been bugging me ever since we last saw Claire in that cabin, but it's another question that I'd like to see answered just so that we have closure on it, and I suspect it closely related to one of the greater mysteries mentioned above.
  • Hurley's guitar case. Come on, he brings a guitar case on the plane and carries it around with him on the Island, then we find out he got it from Jacob. How can I not want to know what's in it and why he has it? But I'd rather not spend time trying to speculate on this, I just want the answer.
  • Ben's secret room. Obviously built by the Island's ancient inhabitants, whoever they were, but how did Ben's house, formerly a Dharma Initiative member's house, get constructed over it with a secret door leading into it?
  • Dharma supply drop. We do know from The Lost Experience and from the Flame computer video that Dharma did perform supply palette drops, but how and why did a supply drop happen in 2004 while the Flight 815 survivors were there?
  • The Temple. Similar to the mystery of the cabin. We know it's there and has a significant purpose, and that's the only reason I want to find out what it is.
  • The Well. Hopefully we'll find out who built the well as we learn more about the Island's ancient history.
  • The "clever fellow". You know, the one that Eloise Hawking said built the pendulum in the Lamp Post station. Okay, this may not seem like a very important mystery compared to the rest in this category, but I've always been a Dharma Initiative fan, so I'm interested in finding out exactly how this group of scientists found the Island through scientific methods.
  • The outrigger chase. Are they ever going to reveal who was in that other outrigger canoe shooting at Sawyer's time-travelling group? I came up with various theories early on, but as Season 5 progressed, my ideas seemed less and less likely to be true. At this point, with the locations of everyone and the canoes, I have no idea how such a chase might come about. It's just one minor mystery among all these greater mysteries, but big enough to be placed in this category.

Category 3: Questions on my mind, but no longer worth wasting airtime on

These are the mysteries that I would've liked to have seen answered prior to this point in the series, but seem to have no place in where the story seems to be going as we move into the final season, and therefore would simply get in the way of the storytelling if the writers stopped to answer them. What it comes down to is that I don't want the final season to be one episode after another of, "Oh yeah, we never answered that, okay, here it is." Instead, it would be great if these questions were answered in a series of mobisodes and/or DVD bonus features.

  • The Numbers. The Lost Experience already somewhat explained what they are, but we don't know who recorded the repeating numbers or why they are "cursed".
  • The pillar of smoke. What was the pillar of smoke that Danielle supposedly saw on the night Alex was taken (we certainly didn't see one in Ben's flashback in "Dead is Dead")? Who created the bonfire that produced the pillar of smoke in "Exodus"? (Charlie accused Danielle of lighting it, and Danielle didn't deny it, but Charlie also accused Danielle of making up the Others, and the Others turned out to be real.)
  • Henry Gale. Was his arrival on the Island really an accident? Who killed him?
  • Libby's past.
  • Walt's powers.
  • Desmond's flashes (and why is he "special").
  • Annie's fate.
  • Details of the Dharma stations. Purpose of the Tempest, the musician who programmed the Looking Glass code, the capsule dump from the Pearl, Room 23, etc.
  • Miles' abilities. Does it have anything to do with his early time on the Island?
  • Claire's message. What ever happened to it?! Probably not important, and I'm not suggesting spending an episode to explain it, but it's been bugging me since Season 3! I'll be happy if the writers just quickly explain in a podcast that, say, the bird carrying Claire's message crashed into a Nigerian drug plane or got shot by Keamy's machine gun from the freighter.

Category 4: Things I don't give a crap about

  • The Hurley Bird.
  • The Glass Eye.
  • The Economist.
  • Shannon's inhalers.
  • Kate ending up with Jack or Sawyer.

Good luck, Damon and Carlton! Don't let us down!

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