A few months before Season 6 began, I wrote a blog entry in which I listed and categorized all of the remaining mysteries of LOST that I was most looking forward to seeing answered this season. As of this writing, nine episodes of Season 6 have aired, which means that the season is now half over. I've decided it's a good time to give a mid-season report of where we are with having those mysteries revealed. (My original blog which I'll be referring to is available here.)

Category 1: Big mysteries that interest me the most

  • The Monster. We definitely know a lot more about the smoke monster now than we did before. We know it is the Man in Black who is now taking on the appearance of John Locke. ("LA X, Part 1") We know it/he has been on the Island since long before the arrival of the Black Rock in 1867. ("Ab Aeterno") We know that he has desperately wanted to leave the Island for many years, but that Jacob was somehow preventing him from leaving. ("The Substitute") ("Ab Aeterno") But we still don't know where he came from, how long he's been on the Island, how he became the smoke monster, or what his purpose was for being on the Island.
  • The Others. We now know that the Others, as a continuously thriving society, formed sometime after Richard Alpert arrived on the Island on the Black Rock in 1867, as Jacob said that all those who came to the Island before that point were dead. Richard took on the role of Jacob's representative to the subsequent Island inhabitants, and essentially became the first Other. ("Ab Aeterno") But aside from him and Dogen, we still don't really know how Jacob brought most of the Others to the Island, or what they were told to do once they got there. All we know is that they were Jacob's attempt at demonstrating to the Man in Black that humans could prove to be "good" on their own.
  • The Island's ancient history. We finally got a pretty good glimpse of Island history, including how the Black Rock crashed on the Island, how and when the Statue of Taweret got destroyed, and the rivalry between Jacob and the Man in Black, all in one episode, which was quite pleasing. ("Ab Aeterno") We also briefly revisited the Adam and Eve skeletons, which suggests that their identity will be revealed before the series ends. ("Lighthouse") We still have yet to learn about the earliest Island inhabitants, the ones who we think built the statue, the Temple, and all the caverns and stuff with hyroglyphs everywhere. All of the ancient Egyptian references still have yet to be explained.
  • The Incident and WHH. I honestly expected that this would be resolved toward the beginning of Season 6. While it does appear that things on the Island in 2007 continue to reflect "whatever happened happened" (the Swan station wreckage, the decaying beach camp, and Sawyer's engagement ring under the floor boards of the DHARMA house that he lived in), we don't know exactly what happened on the Island after Juliet hit the Jughead bomb, and now we've got this new confusing flash-sideways timeline showing up out of nowhere! Until the context and significance of the flash-sideways timeline is explained, then the ramifications of the Incident are still a mystery.
  • Whispers, Healing Properties, Pregnancy Problem. These have not been explained or really dealt with so far this season. Judging by the direction of the plot of Season 6, if these questions get answered at all, it will probably be done by a few quick lines of dialog, which would still be satisfactory to me, as long as they are answered.

Category 2: Questions I would like to see answered in Season 6 just for closure

  • Jacob's Nemesis. Obviously, with the Man in Black being revealed to be the smoke monster (or vice versa, however you want to look at it), this can now be merged with that mystery.
  • Ilana's group. Answered. They were picked by Jacob to be his bodyguards, and Ilana herself was told to protect the six remaining candidates. ("LA X, Part 2") ("Ab Aeterno")
  • Claire's disappearance. Answered. She's been living in the jungle Rousseau-style with the help of her "friend", the Man in Black. ("Lighthouse")
  • Hurley's guitar case. Answered. It contained a hollow wooden ankh with a note inside for Dogen that somehow indicated the importance of saving Sayid. ("LA X, Part 2")
  • The Temple. Answered. Well, at least, we've seen as much of it as we need to see. And it looks pretty cool and contains a pool that heals people. ("LA X, Part 2")
  • The Sickness. It is mostly implied that the "darkness" that Dogen says has "infected" both Sayid and Claire is the same "sickness" that Danielle Rousseau believed killed the rest of her team. ("What Kate Does")
  • Ben vs. Widmore. Not much has been revealed about this, but Widmore's arrival on the Island seems to indicate it will be explored further this season. ("Dr. Linus")
  • The Cabin and who was in it. This hasn't been answered, but we did learn that the grey ash that we've seen around it is apparently a defense against the smoke monster. ("LA X, Part 1")
  • What/who causes all the various dreams and visions, Ben's secret room, Dharma supply drop, the well, the "clever fellow", the outrigger chase. These have not been answered, and while I would still like to see them answered, I'm not sure if they will.

Category 3: Questions on my mind, but no longer worth wasting airtime on

  • The Numbers. I was surprised to learn that the numbers corresponded to Oceanic survivors as Jacob's candidates. ("The Substitute") ("Lighthouse") I figured the explanation we'd gotten from The Lost Experience was as much as we were going to get.
  • The pillar of smoke.
  • Henry Gale.
  • Libby's past.
  • Walt's powers.
  • Desmond's flashes
  • Annie's fate.
  • Details of the Dharma stations.
  • Miles' abilities.
  • Claire's message.

Category 4: Things I don't give a crap about

  • Shannon's inhalers. I can't believe this question was answered!! ("Lighthouse") But I did enjoy the fact that it was thrown in as a joke reference.
  • The Hurley Bird.
  • The Glass Eye.
  • The Economist.
  • Kate ending up with Jack or Sawyer. I do suspect this will be answered, since the producers continue to bring up this love triangle even to this day. Nevertheless, I still don't give a crap.

So overall, we seem to be in good shape so far, and on track toward having the important mysteries resolved by the end of the series. And regardless of how many questions have been answered in the first half of the final season, I've definitely been enjoying it so far, and I'm really looking forward to the final stretch starting next week.

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