I'm sure you've all seen the commonly reoccurring phenomenon of duplicate comments that have been plaguing our blogs lately. It seems that it happens when the commenter's browser freezes up. I'm wondering if there's a way to avoid this, once we figure out how it happens. I've only experienced it once, and what happened in my case was that I clicked the "Post Comment" button, waited several seconds, saw that nothing was happening, then I clicked the button again, waited some more, then clicked it again. Eventually, I gave up and clicked the Back button on my browser, only to discover that my comment got posted for each time that I had clicked the "Post Comment" button. Ever since then, whenever the page freezes when I post a comment, I've been purposely avoiding re-clicking the Post Comment button, and I haven't had the problem ever since, and my comment always gets posted. I'm wondering if this may be a similiar experience for anyone else.

Okay, and just to keep this blog on-topic with "LOST"...

Do you think Jacob could beat Jin in a fishing contest?

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