If the DHARMA Initiative put "no smoking" signs on their hatches, would the smoke monster obey them?

Can the frozen wheel below the Orchid station be turned the other way? Maybe Ben broke it by turning it the wrong way!

I wonder what kind of life Sawyer would've lived if he'd left the Island in 1974. Would he have used his knowledge of the future to con people for money?

I think it would've been funnier if DHARMA Initiative security uniforms were red.

I'm kinda surprised that none of the passengers on Ajira Flight 316 recognized the Oceanic Six on board and freaked out.

Did Daniel Faraday's mother ever find out that he named his lab rat after her?

I wonder if Sun ever ate the chocolates that came with the gun that was delivered to her hotel room.

What would happen if Oldham forced his truth serum on the adult Ben Linus?

Did the off-island Others "purge" the rest of the off-island DHARMA Initiative (such as those at the Lamp Post station in Los Angeles or their headquarters in Ann Arbor)?

I think Frank Lapidus must've shaved off his beard because Sawyer called him "Kenny Rogers".

More to come later! In the meantime, check out my "Ridiculous Theories" page!

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