And now it's time for the Jacob Pick of the Week!

("Jacob Pick of the Week" is meant only as a humorous parody. By taking this blog post seriously and/or attempting to engage in a debate over its contents, you accept full responsibility of me thinking you're an idiot.)

For this week's Jacob Pick of the Week, I've chosen...

Arturo -- Tom's gay lover in New York City!

Ever wonder how the Island was able to prevent Michael from shooting himself, even after he made it back to New York? Or how Tom and the Others were able to "keep tabs" on Michael from halfway around the globe? Well, it's because Jacob was in New York, posing as Arturo, staying in a fancy penthouse suite, and relaying information and instructions to the Others on the Island! It's through Jacob's power that Tom is able to "indulge" himself on the mainland. And while their kissing may appear to be a clear indication that the two of them are gay lovers, it's actually just the normal way an Other pays respects to his leader.

So, congratulations, Arturo. You are the first gay Jacob Pick of the Week!

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