Who is Jacob? Personally, I believe that Jacob is nobody we are currently familiar with, but that's just me. Nevertheless, I've decided to turn this question into a weekly blog series that I call the Jacob Pick of the Week.

("Jacob Pick of the Week" is meant only as a humorous parody. By taking this blog post seriously and/or attempting to engage in a debate over its contents, you accept full responsibility of me thinking you're an idiot.)

For this week's Jacob Pick of the Week, I've chosen...

This guy:

Chicken suit

The convenience store clerk who sold Hurley the winning lottery ticket with the Numbers and appeared in Hurley's dream wearing a chicken costume.

As part of this theory goes, Jacob's ultimate purpose for Hurley is really not much more than simply giving Hurley a purpose. Were it not for Jacob, Hurley would still be nothing more than a recovered mental patient working at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. But Jacob, using the Numbers which originated from the Island and are now ingrained in Hurley's brain thanks to Leonard Simms (perhaps Jacob even staged the deck collapse that landed Hurley in the mental hospital where he met Leonard), sold Hurley the lottery ticket in which the Island's Numbers were the winning Mega-Lotto numbers. Jacob also made sure to point out Hurley to the reporters the minute Hurley showed up again at the convenience store. This, along with carefully-planned unfortunate events that made Hurley think that the numbers were cursed, set Hurley's path which would lead him to the Island.

Once on the Island, Hurley would encounter various occurrences of the Numbers which already existed, reminding him of how he got there in the first place. But knowing that Hurley doesn't accept change so easily, Jacob must continue to encourage him that change is good, which is why Jacob appears in Hurley's dream wearing a chicken costume to remind Hurley of how meaningless his life used to be. Hurley's special connection to Jacob is also the reason he can see Jacob's cabin.

So, congratulations, Mr. Unnamed Convenience Store Clerk. You are the Jacob Pick of the Week!

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