It's a question that's been on LOST fans' minds since the third season: Who is Jacob?? A lot of theories have been presented as to the mysterious Jacob's identity, most of them pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. It seems many people want Jacob to turn out to be a character we already know. I've seen speculations ranging from Jack to Locke to Alvar Hanso to Radzinsky to Daniel Faraday to Walt. My personal belief is that Jacob is nobody we are currently familiar with, but that's just me. Nevertheless, I've decided to take this "who is Jacob" question and turn it into a weekly blog series that I call the Jacob Pick of the Week.

("Jacob Pick of the Week" is meant only as a humorous parody. By taking this blog post seriously and/or attempting to engage in a debate over its contents, you accept full responsibility of me thinking you're an idiot.)

For the first Jacob Pick of the Week, I've chosen...

Brother Campbell.

While Desmond was about to marry Ruth, Brother Campbell found Desmond and recruited him into the monastery, then later, after Desmond officially became a monk, Brother Campbell expelled him for getting drunk on the monastery's wine. Because of this, Desmond met Penny, and we know the rest.

Brother Campbell, a.k.a. Jacob, was obviously playing an important part in redirecting Desmond's purpose in life toward what he was "supposed to" do. He knew that Desmond had a loose end in his life at the time he joined the monastery (Ruth) and that one day Desmond would choose to get drunk, just as he'd done when Campbell first found him. He somehow ensured that this would happen on the day that Charles Widmore sent Penny to pick up the wine crates. Of course, another obvious hint is the photo on Brother Campbell's desk of him and Eloise Hawking, a clear indication of his connection to the Island. Who's to say Jacob can't pose as a monk in Scotland?

So, congratulations, Brother Campbell. You are the Jacob Pick of the Week!

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