Final Conclusions About the Whispers

"We're the ones who can't move on." --Michael Dawson

Before Season 6, it seemed that most of us, including myself, were still pretty stumped about the whispers. There were plenty of theories about the whispers that people came up with over the years (smoke monster, Jacob, electromagnetic energy, time-travelling echos), but we never really had much evidence to form any arguable conclusions, so those theories were nothing more than mere speculations. Then in episode 6x12, "Everybody Loves Hugo", we got a pretty direct answer: spirits of dead people who are stuck on the Island because of what they did. This was definitely not what I expected the answer to be, and it wasn't even a theory that I mentioned in my previous blog entry... though a few users who commented on that blog post did mention something close to that idea.

However, that still didn't really explain why the whispers seemed to be a side effect of the Others' presence. In my previous blog about the whispers that I wrote before Season 6, I pointed out six instances of the whispers being heard when the Others were approaching, and we saw one more in Season 6 (just before the Others kidnapped the Losties in the tunnels below the Temple). ("LA X, Part 2") Of course, in addition to the Others approaching, there were many other instances in which the whispers were associated with other unexplained mysterious phenomena, which I also listed in my previous blog entry. So the question remains: Why do the whispers show up when they do? The only explanation I can think of (which other people on Lostpedia have mentioned) is that these spirits of the dead are trying to warn the Losties of imminent danger. I know it sounds pretty ridiculous, but... I'd say it's no more ridiculous than the Whispers being spirits of the dead!!

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