Final Conclusions About Miscellaneous Unanswered Questions, part 2

"Is this the magic box?" --John Locke

After analyzing most of the major mysteries of LOST after the series finale, pretty much the only thing left to do is to go back over the remaining mysteries that I haven't covered thus far. Continuing what I started last week, I'm listing these various mysteries and attempting to fill in the gaps that the show didn't answer.

The Lamp Post Station

The "clever fellow" that Eloise Hawking said designed the pendulum in the Lamp Post station could've possibly been either Alvar Hanso, Gerald DeGroot, Pierre Chang, or, more likely, someone we've never heard of. Whoever it was had access to intelligence gathered by the U.S. Army about the Island in 1954. Possibly it was somebody who was in the U.S. Army in 1954 and had direct connections with the 18-soldier battalion that brought the Jughead bomb to the Island and got wiped out by the Others. They'd been trying to find the Island ever since. The DHARMA Initiative built the church over the Lamp Post station to hide it. When the Purge took place in 1992, Eloise killed the DHARMA personnel in the station and proceeded to learn about everything that they'd been doing in there.

Libby's Past

Libby was unable to function mentally after the tragic death of her husband, David, so she admitted herself into the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. After spending some time there, during which Hurley was coincidentally also a patient there, she recovered and was released. It was after this that she met Desmond in the coffee bar and gave him her husband's boat. (This isn't even a theory; Damon and Carlton briefly explained this in an interview last year, which I just now found a link to on the Libby page. I sure wish I'd found it sooner!)

Walt's Powers

Walt had some sort of psychic abilities that resulted in him sensing danger in the yet-to-be-opened hatch, projecting himself as visions on the Island to various people, attracting polar bears right after reading a polar bear comic, and causing birds to crash into windows. I now believe that he developed this ability through some arbitrary means that had nothing to do with the Island. We were never given any hint that he or Michael or anybody in his family had ever been to the Island prior to Flight 815, or that Jacob had ever visited him. I think Jacob might've taken an interest in Walt because of his unique abilities, but didn't produce those abilities in him. The final season revealed the existence of non-scientific, paranormal phenomena on the Island, so there's no reason a viewer should doubt the existence of other paranormal phenomena off the Island in the Lost universe.

Miles' Abilities

Miles' unique ability to sense dead people's last thoughts was passed on by his father, Dr. Pierre Chang, who acquired this ability as a side-effect of his repeated exposure to the electromagnetic energy on the Island. This energy is what allows certain souls of the dead (occasionally heard as whispers) to be trapped on the Island. Dr. Chang chose not to disclose his ability to hear dead people's thoughts, in order to maintain his reputation as a scientist in the DHARMA Initiative. It's too bad that Miles didn't have more father-son bonding time with Dr. Chang while he was in the 1970's, otherwise he might've learned all of this.

Desmond's Abilities

Like Walt and Miles, I believe Desmond's unique ability to withstand massive amounts of electromagnetism is just a part of his physiology that he was born with. Since we know that electromagnetism is the catalyst for time-travel, this is why he experienced all the strange consciousness time-travelling, and why Daniel Faraday said Desmond was "uniquely and miraculously special" and that the "rules" didn't apply to him. I don't believe that Daniel was trying to imply that Desmond could break the "whatever happened happened" rule. The reason Daniel was able to talk to Desmond outside the hatch and give him a message was because that always happened, and the rules of time-travel, along with Desmond's "special" properties, merely prevented him from remembering that encounter until such a time that wouldn't create a paradox... which wasn't until 2007. I think similar rules applied to the time Desmond kept flashing to 1996 and met Faraday at Oxford, and the time when he flashed to the day he tried to buy the ring from Eloise and broke up with Penny. I think those events always happened that way, as far as real time is concerned, and the rules of time-travel presented them in a confusing point of view for Desmond.

Annie's Fate

Annie, Ben's childhood friend on the Island, eventually grew up and became pregnant with Ben's child sometime between 1977 (the Incident) and 1989 (when Ben kidnapped baby Alex), and she was the first woman to die from the pregnancy problem. This traumatic event is why Ben became so obsessed with solving the pregnancy crisis and why he chose to keep Alex to raise as his own child. As an adult, Annie "looked just like" Juliet... or at least Harper thought so.

Claire's Message

So, what happened to the bird that Claire released with the message attached to its metal tag? Well, we know that objects that leave the Island and don't follow a particular compass bearing tend to experience unpredictable time-jumping side-effects. Considering the gulls are probably not aware of the need to follow a particular bearing, they too experienced the side effect of time travel upon flying away from the Island. Since there's been no record of that message ever being found, the gulls must've travelled to the future. Possibly they jumped as far as the year 2054 and will land on the deck of a cargo freighter, where a Captain Aaron Austen finds the slip of paper and is dumbfounded by its message. (Okay, this was a bit of a stretch, but I've always felt the need to come up with something.)

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