I've updated my Season 6 checklist of predictions with information revealed in What They Died For:

  • The DHARMA Initiative did not know that they built their houses above the ancient tunnels. Ben built his secret door after the Others moved into the barracks.
Status: Probable
  • Kate will end up with Jack.
Status: Questionable

Current Standings:

  • Unaddressed: 12
  • Deemed Probable: 4
  • Rendered Questionable: 6
  • Confirmed True: 9
  • Confirmed False: 4


These two status changes may seem like a bit of a stretch to some people, but I'd otherwise have no status updates for what I thought was a great episode with major revelations. But basically, Ben's description of his "secreter" room seems to imply that the closet was entirely his design, but doesn't exactly confirm that the Dharma Initiative knew nothing about it. And it seems unlikely now that Kate will end up with Jack, after Jack has taken up the indefinite role of protecting the Light and has become like Jacob. But I suppose it's still possible that Kate may choose to stay with Jack for as long as she physically can. It'll go one way or the other by the end of the finale anyway.

Okay, looking over the state of the checklist as we go into the finale, I'm thinking that the finale won't result in very many status updates. Three of the remaining unconfirmed items are predictions of future events, and those will automatically become false if they don't come true in the finale. But other than that, the unaddressed theories no longer seem likely to be addressed, and all of the theories deemed "probable" don't seem like they'll be further addressed. While this may sound disappointing from a checklist standpoint, I feel that the writers did a decent job at making this final season put the overall series into a different perspective than the one I had when I wrote the checklist. I'm not one of those people who will be disappointed if every question I ever had throughout the series doesn't get answered. Rather, a lot of the unaddressed theories, like the ones about Tom, Mikhail, Annie, etc., now seem unimportant compared to the bigger mysteries of the Island that this season has been about. I'm still hoping that perhaps Damon and Carlton will answer some of these leftover questions in a podcast or a DVD extra. But either way, I'm still interested in seeing the final outcome of the checklist after the finale ends on Sunday night.

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