There were no changes to my Season 6 checklist of predictions with information revealed in The Package. The episode did not alter the probability of any theories in the checklist.

Current Standings:

  • Unconfirmed: 22
  • Deemed Probable: 4
  • Confirmed True: 6
  • Confirmed False: 3


Although this episode didn't answer any questions in my checklist, which I wrote before this season started, it did answer a few of the questions that were raised during this season, namely what Widmore's objective is (assuming he's telling the truth, which he might not be), the purpose of the porta-pylons his people were setting up, and, most importantly, what (who) was behind the locked door on the submarine! And if nothing else, it did sort of move the story along and set things up for whatever is coming next. So basically, it was a lot like "Recon". (In fact, most of this post up to here is a copy-paste-edit of my "Recon" update.)

Except now I'm finally starting to get tired of the flash-sideways stories. I mean, I never saw the point of the flash-sideways to begin with, but at least they were somewhat interesting to watch the first time around. But this one didn't have nearly as many surprises as other flash-sideways stories. We'd already noticed in "LA X" that Jin and Sun didn't seem to be married, and we knew from "Sundown" that Jin was somehow in trouble with Keamy. This episode basically answered a few questions that I didn't really care much about in the first place. Mikhail was a nice surprise to see, especially without his eye patch... and I love the irony of Jin shooting Mikhail's eye out! I hadn't expected to see Room 23 again, and we actually got an explanation of what the DHARMA Initiative had used it for, though it was a pretty straightforward easy-to-deduce explanation.

And I'll admit it, I was one of those who doubted the many Lostpedia bloggers who theorized that Desmond was behind Widmore's locked door. You guys got one up on me this time! I guess Desmond must've said "See you in another life, brotha" one too many times!

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