I've updated my Season 6 checklist of predictions with information revealed in The New Man in Charge:

  • The pregnancy problem on the Island, which Juliet was brought to the Island to try to fix, was caused by the Jughead detonation triggered by Juliet. (irony)
Status: False
  • Jacob ordered the supply drop that provided food and supplies to the Losties in November 2004.
Status: False

Final Standings:

  • Unaddressed: 9
  • Deemed Probable: 4
  • Rendered Questionable: 0
  • Confirmed True: 12
  • Confirmed False: 10


Obviously, one of the things I didn't like about the epilogue was that it debunked two of my theories and didn't confirm any additional ones. Besides that, it basically answered a bunch of questions that I didn't really care about, like the Hurley Bird, Pierre Chang's aliases, and the purpose of Room 23. It didn't even show what I was most interested in seeing after the finale, which was life on the Island after Hurley became the new Protector. I guess perhaps I expected a little too much out of a 12-minute DVD extra

Anyway, so we learned that the Dharma food drops were ordered by an automated communication from the Lamp Post station to that warehouse in Guam, not by anyone's explicit orders, and not intentionally targetted at the Oceanic survivors. And we learned that the pregnancy problem was caused by exposure to the Island's electromagnetic properties, which suggests that it began manifesting itself after the Incident. But it definitely means it was not caused by Juliet detonating the Jughead bomb. So that unfortunately means that the two above theories are now false.

As a side note on the final standings, right after the series finale aired, I was "undecided" about my prediction that "Kate will end up with Jack," because they didn't exactly live out the rest of their lives together. But I've since then decided to call it confirmed true, because their passionate kiss just before their final departure at the cliff seems to suggest that they are "together" in spirit, and then in the flash-sideways timeline, Kate comments to Jack how much she missed him, and then they are seen together in the final church scene. It can still be debated, but at this point, I'd say it's good enough.

And that's it for my season 6 checklist! Any items on it that remain unaddressed are now considered my official theories on those topics and will remain so until the end of time.

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