I've updated my Season 6 checklist of predictions with information revealed in The End:

  • The Others know the Island's official name, but it is one of the secrets they are protecting, so they will always refer to it as "The Island" in front of outsiders.
Status: False
  • The whispers are, but not limited to, an involuntary side effect of the Others' presence.
Status: False
  • Accelerated natural healing (not to be confused with miraculous healing) is a naturally-occurring by-product of the Island's unique electromagnetic energy.
Status: Probable
  • The timeline cannot be changed; whatever happened happened.
Status: True
  • Jack's failure to change history after the Jughead bomb explodes turns Eloise Hawking into a believer of "course-correction" and the concept that it's better to try to fulfill destiny than to try to change it.
Status: Unaddressed
  • The detonation of Jughead temporarily negates the electromagnetic energy that has been released during the Incident, saving the Island and the rest of the world from destruction, and gives the DHARMA scientists just enough time to finish building the Swan station to implement the button protocol. Pushing the button produces the same effect as the Jughead bomb, but is much smaller and only negates 108 minutes worth of electromagnetic buildup.
Status: Unaddressed
  • Sometime shortly after arriving in 2007, some or all of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid and Jin will be rowing an outrigger canoe and chasing and shooting at another outrigger, not realizing that it's Sawyer's time-travelling group.
Status: False
  • Kate will end up with Jack.
Status: Undecided
  • Sawyer will sacrifice himself for Kate.
Status: False
  • There is nothing special about Vincent; he is just a dog.
Status: True

Current Standings:

  • Unaddressed: 10
  • Deemed Probable: 5
  • Rendered Questionable: 0
  • Still Undecided: 1
  • Confirmed True: 11
  • Confirmed False: 8


The fact that an official name for the Island was never mentioned at any point in the entire series pretty much implies that there is no official name for the Island, and therefore, the Others were not aware of one.

When the Whispers were explained in Everybody Loves Hugo as the spirits of dead people who "can't move on", my Whispers theory was rendered "questionable", as it may have still been possible that there was a reason why those spirits followed the Others around. However, this has not been revealed to be the case, and therefore we cannot imply that the Whispers are anything other than what they were stated to be.

Although the finale didn't specifically address the Island's healing properties, and the Light was mostly explained in Across the Sea as the "source of life" and the "Heart of the Island", the conclusion of LOST allows me to take everything I know about the Island's mythology and deem this theory "probable", since it now seems likely that the Light is responsible for most of the healing that naturally takes place.

I'm declaring "whatever happened happened" to be true, because at no point have we seen any known events in a timeline get changed to occur differently from how they originally occurred. The flash-sideways timeline has now been confirmed to not be the result of a bomb detonation or any other history-altering events, but rather is a reality that gets created after all of the on-island events that we've seen. Also, with "whatever happened happened" now confirmed true, this means that the other two theories that were rendered "questionable" in Happily Ever After are now reverted back to "unaddressed", because the show has not dealt with the immediate aftermath of the Jughead detonation.

Predictions about events that never came to pass were automatically declared false at the end of the series.

And as you can see, I added yet another separate category for just one item -- undecided. At this point, I find myself unable to decide whether what we saw in the flash-sideways timeline, or the afterlife, really counts as Kate ending up with Jack. Jack died on the Island, and Kate supposedly got off the Island and went on to do who-knows-what with her life. And even though we saw them sitting down and holding hands in the church, that's certainly not "ending up" together in any traditional sense. But on the other hand, an argument could very easily be made that they still "ended up" together at the end of the story of LOST. So I really could go either way on this one. And the other thing is... I just simply didn't care whether Jack and Kate ended up together or not, so I don't feel like putting any more thought into this than I already have.

As for all other aspects of the finale outside of my checklist, I'd rather post my thoughts in a separate blog after I've gotten a good night's sleep and have had time to process everything I watched tonight, because otherwise anything I say tonight wouldn't do it justice. Besides, I'm really tired from preparing for the finale party I hosted at my house tonight, so I'm going to sleep.

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