There were no changes to my Season 6 checklist of predictions with information revealed in Sundown.

Current Standings:

  • Unconfirmed: 29
  • Confirmed True: 3
  • Confirmed False: 3


You know... the further this season progresses, the less relevant the predictions on my checklist seem. It basically means that this final season is going in a direction that I never could've predicted before it started... which has pretty much been true about all the previous seasons. But it also may unfortunately mean that many of my questions won't be answered before the series ends. The question is, when we get to the series finale, will I still care about the same questions I had just before this final season started (the ones that spawned my checklist)? I suppose it's possible that I won't, and I'll just chalk up my questions to a simple lack of knowing what the show was really about. Either way, I really enjoyed this episode, and I have to say, the writers have done an excellent job at telling a story that I might otherwise think is just way too bizarre (as a lot of my friends have).

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