I've updated my Season 6 checklist of predictions with information revealed in Across the Sea:

  • The smoke monster was created/born on the Island.
Status: True
Status: False
  • The Others know the Island's official name, but it is one of the secrets they are protecting, so they will always refer to it as "The Island" in front of outsiders.
Status: Questionable

Current Standings:

  • Unaddressed: 14
  • Deemed Probable: 3
  • Rendered Questionable: 5
  • Confirmed True: 9
  • Confirmed False: 4


I'll admit that the theory about the smoke monster originating from the Island was pretty easy to predict long before Season 6 even started. I mainly included it because it was one of the mysteries I most wanted to see revealed this season.

Well, this is the first time since "LA X, part 2" that I've had one of my theories in this checklist proven false. And talk about being waaaay off!! But the truth is, it was a total guess at the time, and like the mystery of the smoke monster's origin, was something I put on the checklist to signify that I wanted to see it answered.

The reason I marked the theory about the Island's official name as "questionable" is because this episode made it seem unlikely that the Island ever even had a name. If it did, it seems like this is the episode that would've revealed it, but also, from everything Jacob and MIB's pseudomother told them, especially the importance of protecting the Island from the outside world, there doesn't seem to be much of a need to name the Island anything.

Other than that... we learned the origin of Jacob and MIB, how MIB became the smoke monster (sort of), who built the frozen wheel (sort of), the identity of the mysterious blonde boy, the significance of the black and white stones, and the reason MIB wants to leave the Island. But we still don't know what the glowing yellow light is, why it turned MIB into the smoke monster, where their pseudomother came from, or why Jacob and MIB can't kill each other. So while this episode showed absolutely no present-day coverage (a definite first for LOST), it did answer a few questions that had spanned most of the entire series. It was like "Ab Aeterno" taken to the next level. It wasn't terribly exciting, but satisfying.

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