7:16 p.m.

Today's full day of making observations has gone smoothly. However, I suspect that the details concerning these plane crash survivors won't be nearly as important as the mere fact that John Locke has returned. If I had to guess, I'd say Locke's return is the only purpose of this plane arriving here. Ben probably even helped Locke get back here somehow. But that's all speculation, and I assume we'll eventually find out for sure when Locke joins us. Locke has been spending a lot of time alone, either standing on the beach and staring back at the main island, or picking mangos in the jungle, and I keep getting tempted to just go up and talk to him, but Jim reminded me of Richard's orders to listen, learn, and don't get involved, and that we can't risk any unwanted attention from any of the other survivors. So for now, we just need to stick to our original task, which is to just make observations and then head back to the main island tonight while everyone is asleep.

Jim and Eric and I pretended to introduce ourselves to each other in front of other people, so that we could freely talk to each other while perpetuating the notion that we were all strangers before the crash. Overall, we've had no trouble blending in. The one survivor that we've had to be the most wary of is a man named Caesar, who's been taking charge of things and quickly taking up a leadership role, but also seems very curious about this island, especially the Hydra station. He's been spending a lot of time snooping around inside the main building, trying to learn about the people who built this facility. Also, this one survivor named Bill is noticeably skilled at surviving on a deserted island. I watched as he was showing people how to open a coconut this morning, and then later, he showed some people how to make a fishing pole out of a bamboo stick and supplies from the plane. I'm guessing he must've learned this stuff in the military or something, although he doesn't really look like the soldier type. But actually, I kept thinking that he looked sort of familiar, but I couldn't think of where I would've seen him before. Neither Jim nor Eric had the same feeling, so maybe I saw him somewhere before the Island. It's bugging the heck out of me, though!

Anyway, it's getting dark, so pretty much the only thing left to do is to just wait for everyone to go to sleep, and then the three of us can sneak back to the canoe and head back to the main island.

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