7:08 p.m.

Well, this sure feels like deja vu! I'm on Hydra Island with about 20 or so survivors from that plane, which it turns out is an Ajira Airways plane that took off from Los Angeles and was headed to Guam. Jim, Eric and I had no trouble beaching our canoe and finding the crash site and sneaking into the survivors' camp without being noticed. This is really taking me back to that first day that I crashed on the Island. The main difference is that this plane landed fairly intact, so the survivors are able to take advantage of some supplies from there, and they've already discovered the Hydra station, so they're trying to take advantage of that, too. Jim, Eric and I are spreading out, pretending not to know each other, as we make as many observations as we can.

Apparently the pilot of this plane also survived, but he's nowhere to be found, and no one seems to really know why. All I heard was one woman saying, "I can't believe the pilot just left us here like that." Since I didn't want to raise suspicion by asking questions, I just played along as though I knew what she was talking about. But it definitely sounds like something to be concerned about, especially if he went to the main island.

But the biggest surprise I encountered was when I walked into the Hydra station where the survivors had set up a makeshift infirmary for the injured people, and among them was our former leader, Benjamin Linus!! He was unconscious and looked pretty banged up. I can only guess that he came back to the Island intentionally, but... how in the world did he know to board that particular plane?? I'll be interested to ask him when he wakes up.

10:15 p.m.

Today's interesting turn of events just got even more interesting. Yes, even more interesting than Ben Linus returning to the Island. We just found John Locke!! Where exactly he came from is actually a bit of a mystery. I don't know if he came here on that Ajira flight, but most of these passengers seem convinced that he didn't. Apparently, one woman just found him standing in the water down the beach, wearing a suit, and he told her that he doesn't remember how he got here. What's interesting is that at one point while I was just standing amongst the crowd, he looked over at me and stared for a few seconds and gave me a slight grin, as though he recognized me. I'd be pretty surprised if he actually remembered me, considering I didn't really interact with him at all during the brief time that he spent among our people three years ago. I'll have to wait until I have a chance to talk with him alone without being seen by any of the other passengers. If these people are observant enough to suspect that he wasn't on their plane, then Jim and Eric and I really need to be careful not to let them suspect that we weren't on it either. But in any case, just the fact that Locke is here is really exciting news!

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