2:04 p.m.

Oh boy, this is pretty big news for a change. I was in the jungle, working on my water filtration system, when I suddenly heard a loud noise in the air that I haven't heard in over three years. I looked up and saw a commercial jetliner flying pretty low overhead! I immediately ran back to the beach, where naturally everyone was already talking about it. They said it looked like the plane was coming in for a rough emergency landing and headed in the direction of Hydra Island. It suddenly dawned on me that we had that partially completed runway over there, but I haven't even been back there in the last three years, and I can't remember if we ever salted the ground to prevent the vegetation from growing back. But Richard's main concern was the possibility of survivors and what that would mean for the Island. So he's sending me, along with Jim and Eric, to go over to Hydra Island and assess the situation, because we've had prior experience surviving a plane crash on this island. If we do happen to find survivors, our instructions are to try to blend in with them, and to just listen, learn, and don't get involved, and to report back here in two days. Both of our people that went undercover with the Oceanic survivors three years ago ended up getting discovered and consequently killed, and Richard doesn't want the same thing to happen to us, so our safety needs to be a top priority. So we're heading over there in a small canoe and trying to avoid being seen by anyone who might happen to be on the beach. Fortunately the runway is on the opposite side of Hydra Island from where we'll be approaching, so that shouldn't be a problem. I really have no idea what we're going to find over there!

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