January 9

9:15 a.m.

It's official. This beach, about 20 yards down from Vicki's grave, will be the location for our new permanent camp! All of us are about to head back to the Temple right now, and those of us who wish to move to the beach will bring back materials for constructing our tents. It doesn't even have to be a decision we need to make right away; anyone can pretty much move from the Temple to the beach or vice versa whenever we want, but anyone who does is responsible for setting up their own dwellings. Most people haven't decided yet whether they're going to move to the beach yet, but the few that I've talked to say they plan to think about it on the way to the Temple and decide once we get there. Personally, I'm looking forward to finally getting out of that crazy Temple and enjoying the waves.

7:16 p.m.

I'm back on the beach, with about half the community, including Richard. The other half decided to stay at the Temple. I didn't even get a good look to see who actually decided to move to the beach until we all got back here. But what's interesting is that this group includes a lot of the people who were already living at the Temple back when the rest of us lived in the village. I was curious to know why, so I asked one of them, a woman named Vanessa, and she told me that a lot of those who lived at the Temple before had already felt that Ben Linus was a bad leader, but now that Ben is gone, they're eager for John Locke to return to take Ben's place. Jim, Nancy and Eric also moved to the beach, but Eli, Aldo and Justin decided to stay at the Temple, and I never got a chance to ask why. I do know that Cindy decided to stay back at the Temple with Zack and Emma, because she and Dogen agreed that it would be a good educational experience for the kids.

Tomorrow we're going to construct our new permanent dwellings out of the materials that we brought back with us, which includes a bunch of clean white industrial-strength tarps that Richard says the Dharma Initiative left behind many years ago and have never been used. We'll be able to make gradual improvements to our living spaces over the coming days. Some people are planning to go grab some stuff from the village that they left there when we evacuated it in a hurry, but I already took everything I needed from that house.

I've always talked about buying a beach-front house when I retire. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but I suppose it'll be almost as good!

January 10

5:23 p.m.

Most of us now have our tents constructed, and now our new life on the beach is about to begin, as we wait and see if John Locke ever returns, or if Jacob has any other plans for the Island. I went and talked with Richard a little while ago, and he seems pretty confident that Locke is going to eventually return, but he has no idea when. In the meantime, Richard plans to resume the Latin lessons that he was teaching us before all hell broke loose. It's been almost two months since our last lesson, and I've forgotten a lot, so I hope I can brush up fairly quickly.

By the way, as I was talking to Richard, he was opening a box of his personal items, and he pulled out a large glass empty bottle that had no labels on it, and he placed it sideways on a little stand on the table. I asked him what it was for, and he said it's just a personal project that he's been wanting to work on for some time, and then he changed the subject. Whatever Richard's "personal project" is, the fact that he's planning to work on it now seems to suggest that he's expecting to have a lot of free time in the days ahead. Maybe that's a sign that I should find a hobby of my own, or else I'm going to get really bored living on this beach. But I'm taking that as good news, after all the madness that we've been through over the last several weeks. I'm definitely looking forward to finally being able to relax.

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