8:42 p.m.

So after dinner, I decided to hang out by the pool and read some more of "Carrie" by Stephen King (which Adam let me borrow a few days ago), and while I was reading, I heard the water in the pool stop flowing, which has never happened before while I've been here. I looked at the pool and saw the water level drop a few feet. A few people walking by were just as surprised as I was, and then Dogen came out and looked at the pool, and even he was surprised! Just then, we heard the familiar howling and rumbling sounds of that smoke creature outside the Temple. None of us actually saw the black smoke, but two of the guards from the outer wall came over and told Richard that they saw the black smoke take off and head straight in the direction of the village. Nobody really has any idea why it would do that, but Richard is certain that it means something is going on at the village. In any case, without knowing more, Richard says the best thing to do is to keep waiting to hear from Ben. Even so, I'd still really like to know what's going on!

Oh, I just noticed the water in the pool has started to return to normal. I guess that's a good sign, but... honestly I have no clue. Blah, whatever.

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