10:04 a.m.

We're on the move again, being led by Richard toward the Temple. Ben left the camp with his daughter this morning, and then Richard told all of us to pack up our tents and that Ben was ordering all of us to continue heading to the Temple without him. This caused a lot of us to speculate that Ben was planning to leave the Island with his daughter, but Richard assured us that that's not the case, and that Ben is actually planning to go confront the Oceanic survivors by himself, which sounds like a suicide mission to me. Richard doesn't know why Ben is taking his daughter with him, either, nor does he know what's going on with Ryan's team back at the beach. This whole situation just keeps getting weirder by the minute.

Anyway, Richard estimates that our group will reach the Temple by sometime tomorrow afternoon, which means we have one more night of camping in the jungle. Personally, I'm not looking forward to staying at the Temple again, and I hope it's not a permanent living situation. There's nothing to do there, the people who live there are weird, and that Dogen guy creeps me out!

2:08 p.m.

Richard just stopped to give us some disturbing news. He's been monitoring Ben's walkie communications and heard one of the Oceanic survivors suddenly come on and address our people (as "Others"), announcing that they "got" us and warning us to stay away from their beach. That can only mean that Ryan's entire team is very likely all dead! Including Diane!! I can't believe it! I told her that going on that mission was a bad idea! I just didn't think she'd end up paying for it with her life! But that's not all that Richard had to tell us. He also heard that the Oceanic survivors just contacted a freighter that's anchored about 80 miles from the Island, in an effort to get themselves rescued, but Richard happens to know that the people on that freighter are very dangerous and have been on a special mission to find this Island. This is why Ben had ordered us to proceed to the Temple, the safest place for us on the Island. Ben was actually going to try to stop the survivors from contacting the freigher, but he apparently failed. So the only thing we can do is take refuge at the Temple and hope for the best! I'm starting to wish I'd gotten on that submarine two months ago when I had the chance!

10:15 p.m.

Well, we started to pitch our tents in the jungle to take shelter from the rain, when a helicopter flew over us! And since Richard knows that there are no helicopters on the Island, he's assuming it's from the freigher, which means we don't have time to stop and rest; we need to keep moving to the Temple now, even though it means hiking overnight in the rain! Just who are these people, anyway?! The only thing Richard could tell me is that he and Ben believe that these people work for a former leader who was exiled from the Island many years ago and has been trying to find it ever since. They never actually posed a threat until the Oceanic survivors compromised our defenses in their attempts to get rescued. In other words, we could be in serious trouble! In any case, this really sucks.

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