10:23 a.m.

Okay, things are really messed up now. First of all, I'm pretty sure now that Ben has killed John Locke, just as I'd feared he would. He just came back about an hour ago without Locke, and his only explanation to Richard was that "John had an accident." Ben then went on to order Ryan to take a team to the Oceanic survivors' camp to take all of their pregnant women by force! Judging by Richard and Ryan's reactions, this was clearly a change of plans, and Ben was making rash decisions against better judgment. But Ryan complied and gathered a team of ten people... including Diane. Most of the other people who joined Ryan's team were already loyal to Ryan and/or Ben, but Diane is apparently just obsessed with her research into the pregnancy problem on the Island, especially with Juliet trying to redeem herself after murdering Danny. I tried to talk some sense into Diane and convince her that it's both immoral and dangerous to kidnap a bunch of women in the name of research, but she just wasn't interested in listening to me and basically told me that I have no business telling her what's right or wrong or what's worth the risk. So I guess that's pretty much that. Hopefully sooner or later, Diane will come to realize that we're here for more important reasons than solving the fertility problem and that she's following a leader who isn't making the wisest decisions. But for now, she and the rest of Ryan's team are headed across the Island to carry out Ben's crazy plan.

Richard is still pretty shocked and confused over Ben's apparent murder of John Locke. I still don't understand why he was so convinced that nothing would happen to Locke. I mean, come on, we know that Ben is capable of such a thing and was feeling threatened by Locke, and he led Locke alone into the jungle to supposedly meet Jacob without even knowing where Jacob was... What did Richard think was going to happen?!

In any case, we're still stuck with Ben, unfortunately, unless we can somehow convince Jacob to pick a new leader for us.

Yikes, I hope Vicki's not one of the pregnant women that they bring back to us!! Who knows what's been happening back at those people's camp over the last few months!

9:42 p.m.

Hmm... something is going on, but nobody really knows what. Jim and Aldo said they just saw Ben briefly talking to Mikhail, and then Mikhail suddenly left the camp. When Jim tried asking Ben what was going on, Ben nervously said, "Nothing to be concerned about," and quickly retreated into his tent. We're not sure what to make of that. There's been no news about the raid on the Oceanic survivors' camp. Jim and Aldo think something bad must've happened to Ryan's team, but I think it's way too soon to jump to a conclusion like that. At least I hope nothing bad has happened to them. Anyway, I'm just gonna try not to think about it and go to sleep.

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