9:04 a.m.

The entire community just left the village, carrying as much as of our personal belongings as we can each individually carry. We're on our way to an "old place" on the Island that most of us have never been to. We left the Oceanic survivors -- Shephard, Austen, and Jarrah -- back at the village in a rather odd manner: knocking them unconscious with gas! One of Ryan's security guys (Jason, I think) knocked on my door this morning and handed me a gas mask and told me to put it on right away if I didn't want to be left behind. We were all told to keep our masks on until we were well outside the security fence. I guess that must be some pretty powerful gas that they used! I hope it doesn't do anything harmful to those people besides keep them unconscious for a few hours. I'm assuming that was done so that they can't follow us.

Anyway, John Locke is actually coming with us. A lot of people seem rather excited about that, but they're mostly just quietly talking about it amongst themselves. He's basically sticking close to Ben for now. I wonder if Ben even knows that a bunch of people are rooting for Locke to replace him as our leader!

6:08 p.m.

After a long day of hiking, we're camping for the night in the jungle. Ben is suggesting that we don't pitch our tents, because we're moving on first thing in the morning. He said it may take a few days to reach our final destination, mainly because it's hard for a group of our size to move very quickly through the jungle hauling lots of stuff.

No one's really been able to approach Locke all day, because he's been deliberately flanked by Tom, Ryan and Richard throughout the trek. I guess they don't want any of us talking to him just yet. Another rather odd thing, which no one's been willing or able to explain, is this old man that I've never seen before, being escorted along with us, and he's been bound and gagged the whole time! I have no idea who he is, but one thing I have noticed is that Locke seems noticeably uncomfortable around him for some reason. I assume all of this will be explained once we reach our destination.

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