11:23 a.m.

So I tried to go to the rec room this morning, only to be stopped outside the front door by Ryan, who told me that Kate Austen was being held inside! Apparently she showed up here last night with Sayid Jarrah and John Locke to try to "rescue" Dr. Shephard! Ben must've seriously underestimated these people. After all that trouble he went through to keep the Oceanic survivors from finding our village, they somehow managed to find us anyway! But the other shocking news that Ryan told me was that Locke blew up the submarine with some C-4 last night, just before Dr. Shephard was about to board it! That was the explosion I heard! Ryan has no idea why Locke would do such a thing, but Ben is dealing with him right now. I guess this means nobody will be leaving the Island anytime soon. Man, this sure is one big mess that Ben has gotten us into!

4:42 p.m.

Yep, Ben has really gotten all of us into a huge mess. So much that he's ordering us to evacuate the village and move to a secret location, all because the Oceanic survivors now know how to find the village. I guess that means we'll be abandoning the village permanently. That pretty much sucks. I wonder what Ben plans to do as far as getting our lives re-established once we settle in another spot on the Island. And I'm not the only one who's not happy about it. People who have been here longer than me, like Aldo and Luke, agree that we're all paying the consequences for Ben's bad decisions, but they also believe that evacuating the village is necessary at this point, because we need to keep protecting our community from outsiders regardless. They're actually looking forward to the day that Jacob picks a new leader for us, though there's no way to be sure when that day will come. Apparently some people still have their eye on John Locke, especially now that he's here, but blowing up our submarine didn't exactly earn him points.

Anyway, right now we just need to focus on packing our bare essentials, since we're supposed to leave the village tomorrow morning. Ugh.

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