4:15 p.m.

Having Dr. Shephard living amongst us is weird enough, but what looked even weirder today was seeing Dr. Shephard playing football with Tom! I mean, it's not that I have any particular problem with him being treated like a member of our community, but it just surprises me that he'd be receptive to it, after everything that our people have done to him and his friends. It was just a few days ago that I saw him locked up in an animal cage! After they were done, Dr. Shephard went inside, and I approached Tom and asked him what the deal is. Tom explained that Dr. Shephard is actually leaving the Island on the submarine tonight, according to the deal we made with him, so that's why he's being cooperative. I guess that makes a lot more sense now, and it's probably the best thing for both him and us.

Aldo isn't quite as accepting of Dr. Shephard's presence as I am. After seeing him and Tom playing football, Aldo mentioned to me that while James Ford and Kate Austen were in the process of escaping from Hydra Island last week, Ms. Austen knocked him out with the butt of a rifle! I'd noticed the bruise on Aldo's forehead, but the first time I asked him about it, he'd said that a toolbox fell on his head at the Hydra station. He was simply embarrassed to tell the truth in front of the other guys at the time. But he's still bitter about it and doesn't think Dr. Shephard deserves to be treated like a guest. But at least it won't matter after he leaves tonight.

11:16 p.m.

Woah... some kind of really loud boom just shook the whole house! Eli said it sounded like it came from outside, but we looked out the window and didn't see anything. I wonder what the heck it was. It sounded like it could've been an explosion or something. I guess we'll just wait until tomorrow morning to find out.

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