5:08 p.m.

The community is definitely feeling the loss of the Picketts. I know I've only been here for two months, but I've never seen morale here as low as it is now. Part of the problem is that many of us can't go back to our normal lives, because we worked closely with either Danny or Colleen, or with Juliet, who's been rather secluded ever since we returned from Hydra Island, because of what she did. Those of us who worked on the Hydra Island runway are pretty much on suspended leave right now, because nobody is in charge of the project after Danny's death, and Ben has no plans to finish it at this time. And Ben himself is mostly on bed rest while he recovers from his spinal surgery. Dr. Shephard is regularly checking up on him, which is a bit uncomfortable for a lot of us because of where he came from. The few times I've actually seen Ben outside of his house, he was in a wheelchair.

On top of that, things are awkward between me and Diane. I went over to her house yesterday to fix the incomplete strand of Christmas lights that I'd left dangling from her roof, only to find that she'd already taken down the strand of lights that I'd started. She wasn't home at the time, but I later caught up with her, and she didn't want to talk at first, but I was persistant in asking what was wrong. It turns out that she thinks I'm still obsessed with Vicki, because she heard me ask Ben about Vicki at the Picketts' Thanksgiving dinner two weeks ago! I tried to explain that I had just learned about Vicki being on the Island and was still shocked about it at the time, but Diane said it was more complicated than that. Apparently what it comes down to is that she doesn't want to deal with anything between us right now in the midst of everything else that's been going on in our community. I think she's having a hard time with the fact that Juliet, who's been a trusted mentor to Diane for two years, is suddenly acting in ways that don't make sense and isn't willing to explain herself. I suppose it's understandable that this would preoccupy Diane. I just wish she'd allow me to give her some support, even as a friend. After all, we're all pretty much going through a lot of the same difficulties.

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