7:04 p.m.

It's been quite an interesting day. Juliet's trial for Danny's murder took place mostly in private, but all of us were asked to assemble in the room this morning to hear Juliet's sentence. When I first got to the main building entrance with about a dozen or so other people, Tom came out and told us that they were still setting up the chairs for all of us and that we could wait either inside or outside the building. By this time, a few of us had noticed that Dr. Shephard was sleeping inside one of the animal cages next to the building and was just starting to wake up. He seemed offended when he saw us standing around in front of his cage, and he yelled, "What??!" At that point, Cindy approached him, and he actually recognized her as the flight attendant from Oceanic 815, which understandably confused him. When Dr. Shephard demanded to know what we were doing there, Cindy started to explain that we were there to watch, but before she could explain exactly what we were about to watch, Emma went up and whispered something to Cindy, and then Cindy said something to Dr. Shephard that I couldn't hear, but it caused him to go into a rage and yell, "If you've got something to watch, then go watch it!!" So we all decided to take his advice and go inside the building to wait for the meeting to begin.

The meeting itself was rather boring and ended up seeming completely pointless. Basically, Isabel gave this long, boring lecture about the importance of remaining loyal to the community and following the rules, the good of the Island, yada yada yada, then explained the severity of Juliet's crime, as if we needed to be reminded that murder is a crime. Then, just as Isabel was about to announce Juliet's punishment, there was a knock on the door, and somebody passed along a message from Ben, who was still recovering from his surgery, saying that "the rules don't apply" and that Juliet was merely to be "marked". So we never got to hear what her original punishment would've been. But Isabel branded some kind of symbol on Juliet's lower back like a cattle, which looked rather painful, but Juliet seemed like she was trying to hide the pain. Then the meeting was dismissed.

Anyway, now we're all getting ready to leave Hydra Island and head back to our village on the large boat. Ben is being carried on a stretcher. Dr. Shephard is also coming with us. There's a rumor going around that he plans to continue being Ben's doctor throughout the recovery process, and then in return, Ben will let Dr. Shephard leave the Island on the submarine. But whatever happens, I do know that all of the events of the past week will surely have a major effect on the community, but I have no idea how at this point. I'll just have to wait and see.

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