11:23 a.m.

Well, it sounds like Ben's hostile manipulation of the Oceanic survivors might be his undoing. From what I just heard on my walkie-talkie, Dr. Shephard had just started the surgery to remove Ben's tumor, and then he took advantage of that vulnerable moment to force our people to set his friends free, basically threatening to stop the surgery and let Ben die if they don't! I couldn't exactly tell from the conversation whether the guards ended up letting Austen and Ford escape, but the last thing I heard was Dr. Shephard telling them to run. But even if they do escape, what's Dr. Shephard's incentive to finish the surgery and save Ben's life? He apparently knows that he's the only one on the Island who can fix whatever damage he did to Ben. I can only assume that Ben placed himself in this situation because he had no other choice. I know I've been questioning Ben's integrity lately, but I know that his death would be a devastating blow to the community, so I can only hope that Shephard keeps his word.

In the meantime, I'm having to oversee the runway construction, since Danny's hardly been here at all ever since Colleen was killed. I'm pretty worried about him, actually. I've seen people handle the death of a loved one in different ways, but Danny has just been getting really angry and aggressive. He's definitely not himself. The way I saw him look at James Ford yesterday, I almost believed he was seriously planning to kill him for revenge! Shoot... come to think of it... where is Danny right now? I sure hope he doesn't do anything stupid!

5:42 p.m.

Uhh... what the heck?!? Did I just hear Tom correctly? Danny has been shot... by Juliet?!? That's certainly what it sounded like he said when he came in here. Jim, Aldo, Luke, and all the other guys apparently heard the same thing. It's just a really hard thing to believe! And apparently Juliet did it to help James Ford and Kate Austen escape back to the main island?!? Why would she be willing to kill Danny over that?! This just doesn't make sense! Tom said that Isabel is handling the investigation right now. I'm assuming we'll get some answers soon!

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