10:16 p.m.

I attended Colleen's funeral tonight. It was the first funeral I'd attended since joining this community. It was totally not the kind of funeral service I expected. It took place at the beach, and we all wore these weird thin white robes. I almost felt like I was about to be baptized or something. They placed Colleen's body on a floating platform made of bamboo and lit it on fire and set it out to sea. Danny was sitting at the edge of the shore grieving. It was the first time I'd seen Danny since I heard the news about Colleen. I pretty much just stood back and observed. As we started to leave, I turned around and noticed that Dr. Shephard was there, dressed in the same white outfit as the rest of us. That kinda surprised me, but I guess it's good that he decided to pay his respects... unless he was forced into it.

Oh, and it appears that I can stop wearing the leg brace now. I walked out to the funeral service tonight without it, and my knee feels perfectly normal. Definitely one of the perks of living on the Island!

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