5:15 p.m.

Really sad news today. Danny's wife Colleen has been shot and killed! She was apparently shot late last night during a confrontation with some Oceanic survivors on the main island, and then she died in the O.R. just a few hours ago. I only found out about it when I went out to the runway site to talk to Danny, and he wasn't there, and Luke told me that Colleen had been shot and was in emergency surgery. So I rushed over to the medical building, only to find out from Tom that Colleen had just died in surgery. What surprised me even more was seeing Dr. Jack Shephard sitting alone in the O.R. next to Colleen's body and handcuffed to the table! Tom explained that Juliet had brought Dr. Shephard in there to try to help save Colleen, but was unsuccessful. Tom also mentioned that he himself was there last night when Colleen was shot, but he didn't actually see it happen. As far as he knows, Colleen was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this just proves how dangerous the Oceanic survivors can be, particularly the ones who know how to use guns.

I admitted to Tom that Danny had told me about Ben's plan to use Dr. Shephard to remove his spinal tumor, and I asked what was going to happen next at that point, but Tom said that Ben was still trying to figure it out. As for Danny, I never did find him, but Tom said he was taking it pretty hard. It's definitely going to be hard for all of us who knew Colleen, but I just can't imagine what Danny must be going through right now. I hope that Ben realizes that we need to end the hostilities between us and the Oceanic survivors, because otherwise we're going to keep losing people to them!

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