4:08 p.m.

Today, when I went to the runway site to give Danny my latest design document, I discovered something about our labor force that nobody had told me. We've got two Oceanic survivors doing manual labor for us, apparently against their will! I didn't even notice them until after I'd handed Danny my document and started walking away, and suddenly I heard Danny yell, "Hey!!" and a bunch of guys converged on a man and a woman who were kissing in the middle of the construction site, and a fight suddenly broke out! That's when I realized that the two defiant lovers were James Ford and Katherine Austen! Ford actually managed to grab someone's gun, but Juliet was able to get him to back down by pointing a gun at Austen's head -- pretty much the same tactic that Tom used at that nighttime confrontation a couple of weeks ago. After Ford dropped his gun, Danny approached him and zapped him with some kind of taser-like device.

After the chaos was over, I approached Danny to ask why these two Oceanic survivors were being treated like prisoners and being forced to work for us, and he simply said those were Ben's orders. So when I threatened to go talk to Ben about it, Danny revealed a few more details to me that I wasn't necessarily supposed to know. First, it turns out that Ben has a tumor on his spine that Juliet discovered a couple of months ago! He's purposely kept it a secret from most of the community, and only his senior staff and a few of Juliet's assistants know about it. I asked Danny what that has to do with Ford and Austen being here, and he said that Jack Shephard was also brought to this station with them. At that point, I remembered that Dr. Shephard was a spinal surgeon, and I connected the dots. They want to coerce Dr. Shephard into performing surgery on Ben to remove his tumor! And Ben's plan is to somehow use Ford and Austen to do that, but Danny didn't know those particular details.

I never really realized until now just how much of a kniving manipulator Ben is! I mean, sure, he's doing it to save his own life, but I can't believe that even a person like Danny doesn't have a problem with treating these Oceanic survivors like they're less than human! I mentioned this to Danny, and all he said was that the moral standards on this island are somewhat different than what I've grown up with, and that we're all expected to trust in what Jacob determines is right or wrong. He said he understood my concern and that things like this do take time to get used to. I don't know, I just can't imagine accepting the kinds of things Ben has been doing lately. Are these really the kinds of things that Jacob condones??

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