2:42 p.m.

Right now, I've got a brace on my right leg, thanks to my own stupid attempt to hang some Christmas lights on Diane's roof. Diane mentioned the other night during dinner at the Picketts' that she's wanted to hang Christmas lights on her roof ever since she came to the Island but has never had the time. So today I found a box of Christmas lights in one of the supply sheds, and while Diane was away with the group waiting for Dawson, I decided to grab a ladder and start attaching the string of lights to her roof... despite the fact that I've never hung Christmas lights on a roof before and the fact that I'm slightly afraid of heights. So I'd barely even hung one strand of lights when I lost my balance and fell from the ladder and hit my knee on the concrete. Needless to say, it was quite painful! Nancy was outside and heard me scream, so she went and grabbed Juliet, and they both helped me into the infirmary, where Juliet examined my leg. Luckily, nothing is broken, and there are no torn ligaments, and thanks to the Island's natural healing properties, Juliet believes I'll only have to wear the brace for a few days, as long as I stay off of it as much as possible. And she ordered me not to climb any more ladders, which means my surprise for Diane is pretty much shot. (The incomplete strand of lights is still dangling from Diane's roof at the moment, so she'll probably get to see the blatant evidence of my stupidity when she comes home.)

On top of that, I think I made Juliet miss an important senior officers' gathering that she was supposed to attend down at one of the docks. While she was treating my leg, one of her medical assistants (I think his name is Ivan) came in and asked Juliet if she was coming to the dock, and she told him to tell Ben that she was treating a medical emergency and that she'd catch up with everyone else later. After Ivan left, I apologized to Juliet, but she told me not to worry about it, since I basically gave her an excuse not to attend something that she didn't feel the need to attend anyway. I guess that's one good thing that came out of this.

Anyway, now I'm just resting at home...

Woah, what the heck...?!? What the heck was that??! I was just sitting here on the couch, and all of a sudden the ground started rumbling, and there was a really loud humming noise coming from outside, and I looked out the window, and the sky turned this really bright purple color! The phenomenon went on for about 20 seconds, and then it suddenly died down, and everything was back to normal. It looks like everyone outside is just as scared and confused as I am. I sure hope somebody can explain soon what the heck just happened!

4:04 p.m.

Ben just broadcasted a general radio announcement asking all of us who are still at the village to go over to Hydra Island. He said he needs everyone to stay there for the next couple of weeks, but he didn't say why. He also said that the strange anomaly in the sky was nothing to be alarmed about, but he didn't explain that any further, either. We're supposed to meet at the main dock in an hour, and I guess we're going to take the large fishing boat over there. I have no idea what's going on, but I guess I'll find out when I get there. So much for life returning to normal!

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