6:16 p.m.

Michael Dawson was released this morning, with instructions to return to his camp to help Ben escape from their makeshift prison. After he left, we all packed up and came back to the village. Home sweet home. Now I can live like a civilized person again. (Though oddly enough, I was actually starting to get used to my Temple clothes.)

Tom attempted to answer a few questions about Ben's captivity as we were getting ready to leave this morning. No one knows exactly when or how Ben got captured. Three days after Ben left our camp, Tom and Ryan went to the Pearl station to use the surveillance monitors, which showed the inside of the Dharma facility that the Oceanic survivors have been using. They noticed some suspicious activity continuously throughout the night, with a lot of attention focused on a locked door, until finally they saw the doctor bring Ben out of that locked room and sit him at a table, where John Locke fed him what looked like a bowl of dry cereal. Ben's face looked badly beaten, and his clothes were ripped. Then after not more than five minutes, before Ben was even finished eating, Locke grabbed Ben and physically forced him back into the locked room. With confirmation that Ben was being held prisoner, Tom and Ryan returned to the temporary camp to formulate their rescue plan.

I can't believe how violent those survivors have become! I mean, sure, they now believe they're at war with us, but Ben went over there alone and unarmed and had no reason to reveal to them that he's one of us... unless being taken prisoner and getting brutally beaten was part of his plan, which I somehow doubt. This news has pretty much shaken up the entire camp, so I sure hope that Dawson succeeds at rescuing Ben.

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