11:08 a.m.

We just received an announcement from Tom over on the main island, that Ben has been captured by the Oceanic survivors! Video surveillance revealed that they're holding him prisoner inside the Dharma facility that's near their camp! Looks like walking over there by himself was a bad idea after all! Tom and Bea are coming up with a plan to use Michael Dawson to free Ben, in exchange for getting his son back, so they're asking all of us on Hydra Island to return to the temporary camp on the main island with Walt, so that we can regroup. The boat leaves at noon, so I need to pack up now.

8:15 p.m.

I'm back at the temporary camp on the main island. Hopefully this will be the last night that I'll have to sleep here... assuming that Dawson agrees to go back to his camp to free Ben. Beatrice is talking to him about it right now. Basically, she's asking him to go back to his camp and do whatever it takes to help Ben escape, and then meet our people at a rendezvous point, and then we'll give him and Walt a boat so that they can leave the Island. It sounds like a plan that'll work out best for all of us. They just now let Walt go in there to see his father for the first time since our people captured him. Oh wait... they just brought him back out. Dang, it looked like he was only in there for about three minutes! Anyway, it sounds like Dawson is agreeing to the plan. I hope he succeeds.

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